lilac basement – June / 2022

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■ Fall Forest ■

I’m falling with the leaves from the trees
In your palm
Destroying everything that I’ve built around
My heart
I’m coming back into your arms
Hoping you’d do no harm
You’re in every season, every sound
Still keeping our special chestnut
I would fall asleep on your chest but
You’re not around

I’m falling with the trees on the leaves
On the ground
Cut down
I’m hoping if you had me then you have seeds
You can replant
Ethereal forest in my heart
So I won’t go back to the start
I won’t fall apart
I would be warm in your scarf
Drink me from your special mug
And I will be safe with you around

■ Paper Souls ■

Let a story begin when you were born
Let the most hard pain you hold be a paper cut
You’re wandering around in this world
You’re chasing a dream that is not your own
Do you have a hope? Will you have home?

When did your soft heart become unbreaking stone?
Let me hold your hand
and walk through a heavy storm

You’re chasing your dream on your own
You don’t let me in but I do have hope
For you and for me and for our…
For our paper souls

■ Dreamy Dreams ■

Dreaming one last time
On your knees there’re too many scars of our lives
Whisper to me that I’m ready to leave

Is there a soul that never dies
And running in the deepest skies?
We’re watching dreamy dreams tonight
Dreamy dreams tonight
You’re in my dreamy dreams

■ Fairytale but Nightmare ■

Do you ever feel that nightmare?
I felt it on my skin
but did you?
Take me in your arms
Take me deeply
Am I dreaming tonight?

I’ll be up until my tears go down
It’s fine for me
I’ll be up until my dreams drown
Fight for me

■ a ghost ■

It wasn’t over
I can’t leave
It is hard to be a girl
Can you be honest with me?

Everybody has their friends around
But not me
I can’t breathe
I can’t breathe when I’m alone

It was over
I can’t believe
Your normal life can’t give you what you need
You’re haunting for love
But there is nothing more I could and give to you
And everybody hurts
Everybody feels this way
But I’m bleeding I can’t stay

It was your choice to hurt me
It’s never gonna be the same
Never. It’s broken.
Oh, it was your choice to make.

Everybody has their friends around.

■ Shelter from the Rain ■

Run away where you can heal me
Make my broken soul alive
Leaving everything behind
Believe in what I can’t see or touch or anything

Escape away where you can meet me
Give me shelter from the rain
Teach me how to live today
Believe in what I can see and touch and everything

Wake me up
I wish you would stay
Wake me up
I wish you would stay
With me
Wake me up
I wish you would stay

■ Feels Like ■

Feels like all seconds and days far from you rape me
Feels like my life moved away
and I’m still waiting for it today
I’m running out through the doors
And my breath is the coldest
Among the most warm and native walls
I’m homeless

You stole my heart and my treasure dreams
turned to winter
I feel my heart trembling with my knees
when you with her
And when you pass me by I can’t breathe
I’m not in safe
Oh, I’ve always said I’m alright, but instead
I am insaine

■ Promises ■

You are here in water’s arms
Fall with the rain
I’ve tried to keep my promises to you
To not grieving

You are here in God’s palms
With anyone but me
But how can I let myself live without you
Pushing my blood in veins so insatiably

Who do you think I am, a liar?
I’m not sleeping now
I can’t
Who do you think I am, a liar?
I’m not sleeping now
I can’t, I can’t, I can’t

I can’t keep my promises
While you’re not breathing
Why you’re not breathing?

■ Hold On ■

Hold on
Believe in yourself
Don’t try to surrender
I feel it underneath your skin
Believe me
You’re hiding, waiting for death
And falling
Falling won’t replace what you have
Don’t dare stop breathing
When you have nothing left

Don’t tell them to stop look into your eyes
Don’t hide that you’re broken

Oh I can’t breathe without you

■ You stood where I stay ■

Here I stay
If anybody cares
We’re worthless
We pray to God trying to catch his hands
And worship

Sometimes it helps
But don’t you know who you really are?
And you hate it
And you bleed inside
And you’re falling apart

Don’t look back
You stood where I stay
And I know that
We burn under the sun
Waiting for God to send us rain
And clean ourselves

Sometimes you can’t deny the fact of
who you really are
But He loves you
You can feel the rain
As it falling for us

Here I stay

■ Deep Death ■

Here in deep death I found your hand
Cut and bloodless
I know I stood there
There where our lives end
So hide your own
Don’t let them lie
You need a hope like me

Don’t cry

Tell me what they said
To make you did that
Your heart’s still breathing
But you don’t wanna come back
Hearing liars’ earth
Who hates you from birth
Come here to me from the dark
I know who you really are

Don’t cry

■ Mary ■

We are so broken
Why do we so alive?
Her eyes not closed
They’re wide open
Mary wouldn’t lie

‘Cause she is alright
Living so many years of suffering
She left it behind
But there were so many things
There were so many reasons
to breathe in, breathe out

Close your eyes
Mary pulls the trigger
Or swings down with the rope on her neck
She won’t see a new sunrise
For her we’re all dead

Close your eyes
Mary pulls the trigger

WINDSWEPT – December / 2020

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■ Inside Your Dreams ■

How do memories float?
What am I? Or used to be?
Sorrowful remembrance
Don’t leave me dying here
Inside your dreams

Stop this pain for all of us
Just throw me away
It will be better

We lost
We’re fading out

■ Not Water ■

Are you drunk?
Can’t you stop?
Was it water? Was it not?
Just enough
Tears drown in your eyes
uh stop
Don’t tell me lies

■ Unhuman ■

You don’t know what love is – unhuman
Blood on your cruel hands leads to who you are
Promised but you won’t come save me – unhuman

You took my hand that bleeds slowly
You’ve never felt that way
Normally I won’t breathe underwater
You are the one to blame

You betrayed me, you hate me
Now my heart is empty

■ Your Home ■

Hold me
It’s dark around
Forget things that put us down

Let’s leave this place
“I’m sorry” – still makes sense

Too far away
To share this town
I was afraid
To say this out loud

But I miss you for so long
Don’t go. I’m your home

■ Heart ■

Your heart is pounding in your chest
Your heart is right there
It’s right there

Don’t be afraid of me
I belong to you
But instead
Stony people
Stolen hearts

I’ve never seen it in your eyes
I’m locked in darkness
Knowing you don’t care
Your darkest shadows won’t let me touch you there
In your heart

And it’s dying
In my hands
Let me be proud of this

I’ve never seen it in your eyes
I’m locked in darkness
Knowing you don’t care
Your darkest shadows won’t let me touch you there
In your heart

Stony people
Stolen hearts
Let me breath in
Let me breath out
Around me
Stony people
Stolen hearts
Let me breath out
Let me breath out